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All the content of the podcast audio is expressed in my own language and learning and understanding viewpoints. References are from the best and reputed subject (Pharmacology) text books, blogs, journals and drug information from reputed and best online sources. I make best efforts to convey the most accurate and updated information of the subject of medical sciences in my special way. I take no money from pharmaceutical industry or drug companies for my podcast. You are most welcome to post your comments and suggestions  through "Contact" page on my website: You all are well known that medical sciences subjects are ever changing, updated and ever evolving, hence no guarantee is taken if the information conveyed in this podcast turns outdated or obsolete with changing and evolving times. This podcast is an expression of my learnings and experiences and in no way representative of any standard authority.


I collect only email addresses of the subscribers and in no circumstances they will be shared or displayed anywhere on podcast/website/newsletter.




All the contents of "IS PHARMACOLOGY DIFFICULT™️" podcast/website/blog/newsletter are copyrighted. Though all the content related to podcast and various social media handles is free! "BUT" in no way or under no circumstances shall- Any of the podcast content/show notes/blog post/newsletter content/youtube video artwork/podcast artwork and ideas should be used or reproduced or distributed.

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