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I wrote this poem , true feelings as I celebrated and attended the flag hoisting today!

A pretty conglomeration of hues

Sparkling saffron, winsome white, glorious green and tint of blues

I simply behold and salute the celebrated view

Hardly a day or two in an annum to pay regards and value!

As a child I remember to dress up or play a song or sing

And yes I relived these privileges with my ward again

Nothing betters the simplicity and magic of memories and feelings

None of the festivals or birthdays or holidays compared to the joy that today brings

It’s not only the pride but the love utmost

Abandoning the conflicts of diversity from coast to coast

Embracing the ups and downs and pros and cons

Surprising is the blend of all ethnicities and cultures, nothing really to boast

Powerful, Sweet and pretty tales of this great nation

Getting richer from one to the next generation

A treasure trove of glory, wisdom, saints, innovation and education.

Words fall short as I count for gratitude and appreciation

It all fills up my mind, wetten my eyes as I stand in salutation

Rare but always awaited are these breathtaking national days’ celebrations!! #independenceday #india #tiranga #happyindependenceday #indian #proudindian #memories

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